%Blog_Topic%: Sunflower 7x5,textured,thick paint, framed,greens, Barbara Haviland Texas Artist

%Blog_Topic%: Sunflower 6x6 gallery wrap canvas, flower,floral

%Blog_Topic%: Sunflower 5x5 flower,floral, gallery wrap canvas

%Blog_Topic%: Workshop 33 Paradise by Barbara Haviland

%Blog_Topic%: "Empty Bottles" glass,oil painting,Still Life, Canvas

%Blog_Topic%: Water Lilies and Flowers

%Blog_Topic%: Couple at Sunset oil painting miniature Barbara Haviland

%Blog_Topic%: Wildflowers landscape in oils by Barbara Haviland Texas Contemporary Artist

%Blog_Topic%: Poppies and a Pear Still Life by Barbara Haviland

%Blog_Topic%: Church in the Autumn landscape

%Blog_Topic%: The Lioness,wildlife,lion,oil painting, Barbara Haviland

%Blog_Topic%: Peach Sunset 10"x 8" framed Contest Painting by Barbara Haviland

%Blog_Topic%: Summer miniature Barbara Haviland

%Blog_Topic%: Yellow Tulips

%Blog_Topic%: Marsh Grass Barbara Haviland bog,estuary,everglade,mire,landscape,Texas Artist

%Blog_Topic%: Tanager and Magnolia Framed oil painting

%Blog_Topic%: Study of Blonde Girl Figure

%Blog_Topic%: Boat in Dry Dock oil painting,miniature

%Blog_Topic%: Small Boy with Yellow Bucket Study oil painting,figure

%Blog_Topic%: Bayou Cabin

%Blog_Topic%: Daffodil in Yellow flower,miniature,oil painting

%Blog_Topic%: Spoonbill Roseate bird,oil painting,canvas Barbara Haviland

%Blog_Topic%: Seahorse miniature oil

%Blog_Topic%: 12x9 Port Bolivar Lighthouse,landscape,panel,oils, $175.00 + shipping

%Blog_Topic%: Autumn Valley 9"x 9",oils, landscape,$100.+shipping,Barbara Haviland

%Blog_Topic%: Snowy Egret in Flight

%Blog_Topic%: Gus the Brown Pelican

%Blog_Topic%: Nat's Red Amaryllis

%Blog_Topic%: Marsh Birds in Port Bolivar

%Blog_Topic%: Sunflowers

%Blog_Topic%: Pelicans and Sea Gulls

%Blog_Topic%: Little Yellow Bird

%Blog_Topic%: Green Frog Peeking over the Fence

%Blog_Topic%: Boat and Dock oils by Barbara Haviland

%Blog_Topic%: Maxwell House Still Life by Barbara Haviland

%Blog_Topic%: Blue Hydrangea framed miniature floral

%Blog_Topic%: Mini Pansy framed oil painting

%Blog_Topic%: Desert Cacti Miniature oil painting

%Blog_Topic%: Brown Pelican on Piling

%Blog_Topic%: Happy Mother's Day