%Blog_Topic%: Sunrise in The Bayou by Barbara Haviland

%Blog_Topic%: Barbara Haviland One day Workshop October 25,2014

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%Blog_Topic%: October 25,2014 1 Day workshop with Barbara Haviland Texas Contemporary Artist

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%Blog_Topic%: Red Truck in Snow with Sheds

%Blog_Topic%: Red Truck in Snow

%Blog_Topic%: Misty Morning Bayou,swamp,bog,oil painting

%Blog_Topic%: Dana on the Beach, figure,seascape,canvas panel,

%Blog_Topic%: Guitar,musical instrument,oil painting canvas

%Blog_Topic%: Boat and a Dock oil water scape,Fine Art, Barbara Haviland

%Blog_Topic%: Calla Lilies on Red oils,floral,canvas,Abstract Floral,Fine Art

%Blog_Topic%: Little Girl Fishing miniature,figure,child,oil painting,FineArt.Framed

%Blog_Topic%: Yellow Throated Warbler, bird,framed,oil painting

%Blog_Topic%: Two Red Poppies oil painting,flowers,floral,knife

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%Blog_Topic%: Two Fishing Boats in Bridge City

%Blog_Topic%: Golden Miniature Iris 5x5,canvas,oils,floral,Barbara Haviland

%Blog_Topic%: Pink Magnolias Framed Floral Flowers Barbara Haviland

%Blog_Topic%: Pink Magnolia Miniature daily painting, Framed floral,oil painting

%Blog_Topic%: Pansies In A Can oil painting Barbara Haviland

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%Blog_Topic%: Sea Shell Canvas oil painting, Barbara Haviland, Still Life

%Blog_Topic%: Sunflowers in a Vase 20x16 oils on canvas floral

%Blog_Topic%: Fire in The Bayou Landscape,oil painting,Barbara Haviland

%Blog_Topic%: THREE SUNFLOWERS 12x9 flowers,floral. vase,glass

%Blog_Topic%: Purple Glow Hydrangeas oil painting,Floral,